Andreas Reiner – Cargo securing in containers

Introducing the company HLash from Germany Cargo securing in containers was another often-mentioned subject at the 5th International Eumos Symposium. Andreas Rainer, Managing Director of HLashGmbH in Brühl, Germany, held a presentation on this topic enti


Alfred Lampen – VDI guidelines and EN standards

  Wise words from the police: Highway patrol Oldenburg A further contribution on behalf of the police forces at the 5th International Eumos Symposium 2017 in Vienna was made by Alfred Lampen, Police Chief Inspector in Rastede, Germany. At the Austria


Alexander Hoffmann – Cargo securing with chains

Chain securing: Introducing the company RUD The topic “Cargo securing with chains”, was presented by Alexander Hoffmann, Product Manager at RUD Ketten in Baden-Württemberg, at this year’s 5th Eumos Symposium. RUD is a family business with around 1,


Dr. Christian Spendel – A real-life case

A real-life case: Introducing the company Petschl Transporte An interesting real-life example was given by Dr Christian Spendel of the management of Petschl Transporte in Austria, titled “Loading secured by the Supreme Court of Justice”. The speech ce