Badies for concrete: varieties and rules of choice

Currently, the bauds for concrete are widely used when it is required to move the concrete mass for small distances through lifting mechanisms. Moreover, the design of the sensitive containers is thought out to the smallest detail. For example, in the baud you can install electric vibration engines designed for manipulations with dry mixtures and rigid concrete. These can be attached with a rubber-based sleeve, allowing the mixture into hard-to-reach zones. And the adjustment of the concrete mix can be carried out using a lever system equipped with a lock providing protection against spontaneous opening of the dispenser.

Thus, with baskets without problems, a concrete mass can be submitted directly where monolithic construction is conducted, and, accordingly, their use is effective when it is necessary to build the overlap, build a column or wall.

Badies for concrete mix: Main varieties

In most cases, on construction sites, the bauds are presented in just two versions:

- Bad and shoes;

- Bad and glasses.

Bad and shoes are a container, with a foster part of the square shape, turning into a truncated pyramid with a discharge hole on the end. The loading of the concrete mixture in this case is performed in the horizontal position of the container, and its movement is vertical. The mixture is unloaded after pressing the lever.

Such a baud design eliminates the need for an arrangement of the overpass or pit for supplying the capacity to the car and simplifies the movement and supply of the concrete mix. Lifting capacity to height is carried out by a rift or tower crane.

Badi-glasses are a construct with a conical reception part, moving to cylindrical. Such bauds are loaded and moved exclusively in a vertical position. Moreover, to impart the stability of the design, they are completed with special supports.

Badies are used for filling reinforced walls, as well as where the use of concrete pumps is unprofitable, for example, at high altitude.

Buffes for concrete mix: What to pay attention to when buying

Choosing this or that model of the baud, it should be determined not only with its design features, but also with the volume of loading and loading capacity - this will not only choose the optimal modification of the container, but also to the most effective way to deliver the concrete mass to the working station. Siehe Informationen