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    Declaration of consent for photo and video recordings

    The protection of your personal data and integrity is important to us. The EUROPEAN SAFE LOGISTICS ASSOCIATION – EUMOS – would therefore like to make you aware of our data protection policy. Please note that there will be photos and videos taken at the event which will be used on the Eumos website and in social media communication. We can equally not rule out publishing of any photos or videos by our cooperation partners in connection with the communication about the event on our website, in social media or other media. By registering to the event you agree to these terms and conditions. Any other consideration must be communicated to the Eumos Secretariat separately.

    Accomodation Conference

    The Conference Hotel NH Trieste has allocated a slot of rooms for the 8th International Eumos Conference which can be booked directly by the Conference attendants for a fixed price of 145€. Please use the following link if you wish to book a room at the Conference hotel: