Ergis Group
19 July 2019
20 March 2019


The company was established in 1995 and supplies markets with a complete range of innovative packaging materials.

For over 20 successful years Megaplast constantly is striving for excellence to ensure customer satisfaction and build strong customer and vendor relationships with respect to the social, ethical & environmental requirements.

Business Culture

Megaplast Culture is guided by a spirit of excellence. Our nature as a growing up business edifies our values and makes our group a legacy to be preserved in the long term.

That is why we give Real Value to our customers through:

  • Innovation
  • Market Culture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Adaptability & Flexibility
  • Focus on long term Strategies


The planning, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative customer-driven superior packaging solutions that deliver measurable customer benefits.


To become the premier leader in the global innovative flexible packaging market.

Primary Objectives

The innovativeness, the effectiveness, the usability and the quality of the products that Megaplast produces and distributes.


  • Reliability
  • Integrity / Merit System
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

MEGAPLAST Product Family

Product Family consists of two major categories:

  1. Perforated Stretch Films (AirOfilm)AirOFilmStretch Films with Perforation for Machine & Manual application
    serve the following markets:

    • Food & Beverage Industry & Dairy Products
    • Pet Food
    • Pharmaceutical Products
    • Agricultural Market
    • Horticultural & Flower Market
  2. Reinforced Stretch Films (Fiber Film)fiber filmReinforced Stretch Films with Fibers for Machine & Manual Application
    are suitable for all markets

The AirOfilm & Fiber Film Product Series are innovative and protected through International Patents.