Jan Stapenhorst, Triton Marine

1 February 2019
Arnaud Dupasquier, FCE Arrimage
1 February 2019

TRITON MARINE – Transport Risk Consultants GmbH, Bremen, Germany, is striving for perfection. For this, Eumos offers the rare possibility to shape future transports in safe manner, to interchange with professional and competent partners and to deepen existing specialist knowledge by regular trainings and symposiums.

An inspecting, surveying and transport-engineering consulting business tailor-made for the producing and transporting industry as well as for the insurance, underwriting and risk-management/loss prevention market. Acting national, across Europe and worldwide – at the request of principals attending personally on the spot or represented by a hand-picked and state of the art network of local surveyors.

Packaging and loading inspections for all means of carriage, container vanning, project engineering and management, re-location and foundation settings of high and heavy industry projects, stowage, lift and cargo securing arrangement and supervision, yard acceptance inspections, high and heavy transport planning, engineering and supervision are carried out and are documented and certified in a professional and skilled expertise report.

Special attention is paid to the damage-free transportation of large and mega yacht within the lift-on/lift-off, resp. float-in/float-out sector, as well as yacht surveys and inspections as far as hull & machinery damages and/or repair and refit works are concerned.

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