April 2020

30 April 2020

Igor Muñiz, Managing Director, Erhardt Iberia

Igor Muñiz, Managing Director of Erhardt Iberia, speaks about the importance of cargo securing and the crucial need for preparedness by the whole supply chain.
23 April 2020

Pat Lancaster, CEO, Lantec

Pat Lancaster, CEO of Lantec, explains the research behind wrapping and packaging aiming for high safety in logistics.
16 April 2020

José Ramon Bauzá, MEP, Renew Europe Group European Parliament

José Ramón Bauzá, MEP, Group Coordinator for the Renew Europe Group in the Transport Committee, in the framework of the 6th International Eumos Conference in Valencia explains the priority for the EU to improve safety in transport and he underlines the importance of the exchange between private stakeholders – such […]
8 April 2020

Stefan Ebner, Director Transport and Logistics, Austrian Chamber of Commerce

Stefan Ebner, Director for Transport and Logistics at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and Vice-President of Eumos, explains the importance of cargo securing and the challenges ahead looking at different types of transport and combined transport.