9 October 2020

How Hazel 4D’s intelligent load stability system is the risk-free choice in pallet-wrapping

In buying and procurement, you’re under constant pressure to make the right choices – the most efficient, effective, robust or low-risk…
9 July 2020

Video: THE HIGHER ROAD – High performance films for consistent load stability

Video: THE HIGHER ROAD - High performance films for consistent load stability
2 July 2020


How do you transport thousands of bottles of soft drinks so they arrive safely at their destination without any damage? The answer is simple: proper pallet stability.
1 July 2020

EUMOS takes cargo testing for safe transport to the highest level

EUMOS, the European Safe Logistics Association, today launched the revision of its recognized “test method for load unit rigidity” standard ensuring cargo packed on a Cargo Transport Unit (CTU) will travel even more safely from origin to destination. The new EUMOS 40509:2020 will provide the most precise results in relation to […]
26 June 2020

Sabine Wimpissinger, COO, Eumos

Sabine Wimpissinger, COO of EUMOS, talks about the benefits of an association devoted to safe logistics in the interest of maximizing the effects of combined action aiming at the highest standards of security sourced from the members´ expertise and different viewpoints.  
22 June 2020

Pere Navarro, Director General for Traffic, Spain

Pere Navarro, the Spanish Director General for Traffic, addresses the audience of the 6th International Eumos Conference in a video message explaining the measures taken in Spain to lower the traffic fatalities in recent years. He underlines the importance of harmonization of efforts across Europe and the need for legislators […]
16 June 2020

Manuel Alvarez Cervell, Senior Consultant, Mac Advice

Manuel Alvarez Cervell, Senior Consultant Mac Advice, speaks about the logistics supply chain and the responsibilities in case of damages at the 6th International Eumos Conference in Valencia.
4 June 2020

Kurt Garrez, National Coordinator Cargo Securing, Belgian Police

Kurt Garrez, national coordinator of cargo securing within the Belgian Police, speaks about the importance of coordinating inspection of logistics in Europe.
31 May 2020

Sonia Escudero, Market Development Manager Protectional Coatings, Dow

Sonia Escudero, Market Development Manager for protectional coatings at Dow, highlights the main priority of safety for Dow and the relevance of the friction of flooring.