International EUMOS Symposium 2017

2 May 2017
5th International EUMOS SYMPOSIUM
26 September 2017

International EUMOS Symposium 14. and 15. September 2017 in Vienna
1st Day – 14. September 2017

  1. International und legal aspects of transport safety
  • Reception and introduction by WKO and EUMOS
  • Road safety in Europe; Goals of the EU Commission
  • Implementation of technical roadside inspection
  • New standards, regulations and legislation
  1. New in the field of load securing
  • Technical roadside inspection by regulatory authorities in Europe
  • Stability of the vehicle superstructure: revised standard EN 12642 – update
  • Approaches to further development of EN 12195-1 / calculation of load securing
  • Responsibility of load securing in Europe
  • Securing of heavy loads with chains according to EN 12195-3
  • EU-wide training standard about load securing according to EUMOS-Standard 40607-1; training for the different transport modes (combined transport), certification at European level
  • Recent developments concerning foil technology / building of unit loads

Wrap-up of 1st day                                                                                                                                                          
Ceremony of EUMOS Safety Award
2nd day – 15. September 2017

  • Reception by WKO
  • Responsibilities of load securing for shippers and freight forwarders
  • Insurance; consequences of wrong load securing and/or packaging
  • Chemical Industry; Examples of innovations in load securing
  • USA: new technologies in the field of load securing and building of load units
  • France; new regulations for load securing of radio-active goods
  • CTU-Code 2014:
    • requirements of load securing in containers from an inspector point of view
    • new online training for the CTU Code 2014 (new)
    • requirements for flexible restraint systems – new proposal of an EUMOS Standard for testing flexible restraint systems

 Summary of day 1 and 2
Conference languages: German, English (simultaneous translation)
Conference Fee EUR 499,-
Conference Fee for EUMOS Member EUR 399,-
Conference Fee for exhibitors: EUR 699,- (include conference fee for 1 person)
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