For H.Essers, which travels 120 million kilometres annually with its 1,250 lorries, road safety is a top priority. This active participation in traffic, not only by the professional drivers but also by the employees who travel to and from work by road, was the incentive for H.Essers to distil all the efforts it has been making throughout the years into a global road-safety plan. The attained ISO 39001 standard is designed to ensure compatibility with existing safety and quality-assurance systems in the business world. It exists since 2012 and provides companies with a framework and specific guidelines to address safety risks in traffic in a structured and integrated way. The standard was developed by experts from 40 countries and 16 organisations, including the WHO, the World Bank and the International Road Federation (IRF). This certificate shows that H.Essers offers an effective, results-oriented traffic safety management system. In addition, it also shows the will to tackle road safety with specific objectives, actions and investments.

We hope that this ISO 39001-certificate for H.Essers can be a good example to others.


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