Cordstrap BV

1 February 2019
Certis Benelux
1 February 2019

Cordstrapis the world leader in cargo securing systems.

Since 1965, Cordstrap has remained the world leader at the forefront of a revolution in the protection of cargo. Our mission is to keep the world’s cargo safe – by providing products and solutions that ensure our customers’ precious assets are secure on rail, sea, road and air.

With five international manufacturing locations and operations in over 50 countries worldwide, Cordstrap combines a powerful product suite with a collaborative approach and the best quality training, application expertise and legislative insights for our customers’ staff.

This ensures a highly tailored solution that provides the security of physical insurance; driven by a deep understanding of all the implications that the transportation of goods has for an international business. Cordstrap not only keeps the world’s cargo safe; by converting the logistics and transportation markets to better, safer and more innovative securing solutions, but also helps its customers to further their global reach.

Our solutions are bespoke to the needs of some of the world’s biggest brands resulting in world-class products and applications. Cordstrap works in partnership with these businesses, complementing their own expertise with a level of customized, engineered protection that ensures their products travel securely and arrive safely however they are delivered – whether it is large, dynamic cargo, dangerous chemicals or fragile artifacts.

Cordstrap is trusted by over 25,000 businesses worldwide to secure their valuable cargo, with fully CTU code compliant solutions for all domestic and international shipping challenges.

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