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17 September 2019

The Art of Stretchfilm by TRIOPLAST

Safety film … also known as stretch film, safety film defines the film’s main purpose – to prevent personal injury and ensure the quality of the products you send to your customers.  Safety and your responsibility as a sender are highlighted  in the new EU directive on cargo securing, EU […]
19 September 2019

Trioplast acquires an Horizontal Stability tester

Trioplast is an industrial group with a little over 1,000 employees and a turnover of SEK 4.3 billion. The Group is one of Europe’s leading players in innovative and cost-efficient packaging solutions based on polyethylene film. The company’s registered office is in Smålandsstenar in Sweden. It operates production facilities in Sweden, Denmark and […]
31 October 2019

Safe Load Testing Technologies has launched an innovative solution to ensure the rigidity and safety of loads.

Safe Load Testing Technologies brings to the market the Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester, designed to perform horizontal accelerations (speeding, slowing down and braking) and decelerations in line with the specifications of EUMOS 40509 and the US FMCSA cargo securement requirements. The company contributes its international experience in packaging engineering […]
29 November 2019

Trioplast to acquire Apeldoorn Flexible Packaging

On November 21st, Trioplast Group signed an agreement to acquire the Dutch company Apeldoorn Flexible Packaging, AFP, a leading player in solutions for load stability and food packaging, from JPF Netherlands BV, an entity of B.C. Jindal group. “We are excited to get the opportunity to grow an even stronger […]