EUMOS – The European Safe Logistics Association offers a collection of templates to fill in the European Cargo Safety Cards according to Norm EUMOS 40674.This tool aims to facilitate the work of logistics managers to formally communicate to the parties involved in a graphical and precise way. ECSC (European Cargo Safety Cards) are a powerful vehicle for protection in the Chain of Responsibility.A card according to EUMOS40674 is considered to be a card that meets the minimum requirements defined in the standard. A safety card can contain additional information and can be written in any format as long as it meets the minimum requirements.These templates are only intended to facilitate the work of those responsible for logistics security.You can request the template in other languages by clicking on the link below.

Templates EUMOS40674 Available

The templates offered are for editing in PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a universal editor that combines text and images in a simple way. We suggest to deliver in PDF format when fully finished.

Have you thought about registering your Cargo Safety Cards? The REGISTER EUMOS offers the custody of a genuine copy in case of dispute combined with its QR code that allows you to integrate it in your logistic databases sharing only the QR.

Template for EUMOS40674 – English 1.0 Version

Click on the link for English

Template for EUMOS40674 – French 1.0 Version

Click on the link for French

Template for EUMOS40674 – Spanish 1.0 Version

Click on the link for Spanish

Template for EUMOS40674 – Portuguese 1.0 Version

Click on the link for Portuguese

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Example of European Cargo Safety Card