EUMOS – the European Safe Logistics Association – is an association devoted to improving safety throughout the logistics chain. It is a non-profit association and relies on the exchange of best practices when working on higher safety standards for logistics. Thanks to the contributions of its members and their variety of expertise, EUMOS has been instrumental in the elaboration of several standards for cargo security and is constantly working with load security experts to improve security standards in Europe. EUMOS is fully committed to the EU objective of Vision Zero in road fatalities in the framework of the EU Road Safety Action Plan. The standards EUMOS 40509 and EUMOS 40511 are included into Annex 3 for Load Safety of the EU Road Worthiness Directive 2014/47/EU providing standards to keep load units safe.

At the heart of Eumos´ activities lies the expertise of cargo securing which is the basis for goods to travel safely. Eumos defines cargo securing as a set of measures to secure all kinds of packages and load units to a vehicle with the aim of immobilising them during packing, transport and unpacking for a delivery at destination without any damage and without causing damage to other assets or the environment. The package has to be kept in place and upright without deformation, sliding or tilting by means counteracting the forces exposed to during transport such as acceleration. Cargo are the goods placed in or on the part of the vehicle (or cargo transport unit) designed to carry a load and which are not permanently fixed to the vehicle.