Sabine Wimpissinger, Chief Operations Officer of EUMOS, Members relations, Public Affairs
Sabine runs the operations of EUMOS and oversees the relations with the members and external requests. She deals with public policy and the relations with public institutions of the association and she coordinates communications and association events. A lawyer by background she has many years of experience in EU policy and public affairs.
Dr. Stefan Ebner, Vice-President of EUMOS, Public Affairs
Stefan Ebner is the Director of the sectoral association of driving schools and general traffic at the Austrian Economic Chamber. A lawyer by training, he builds on a long experience within transport and environment policy. He has worked for the Austrian Parliament as well as for the European Parliament in Brussels and he builds on a strong institutional and personal network.
Arnaud Dupasquier, Secretary General of EUMOS, Road and Maritime Transport
Arnaud Dupasquier has been working in the cargo securing area since 2007. He trains industrial and transport companies in cargo securing, gives technical advice to shippers and he provides expertise to insurance companies. Arnaud is specialized in the cargo securing of dangerous and radioactive goods.
Dario Messina, Founding Member of Eumos, Road Transport, Insurance
Dario Messina is a Marine Warranty Surveyor based just outside of Verona, Italy. Besides performing surveys Dario holds training sessions, in private companies, explaining best practices in handling, loading, lashing and securing of cargo, along with basic legal aspects involved in transport of cargo. He speaks fluently Italian, Danish, English, French and German.
Anatoly Shmelev, Member of the EUMOS Advisory Board and founding members, Carrier Liability
Anatoly Shmelev, a marine surveyor and loss adjuster with an academic degree in navigation, has been working in the insurance market during last 20 years. Currently, he is a deputy director at Russurvey in Minsk and he runs his own advisory where he provides survey and loss adjusting advice. He serves as chief researcher to the group "Safe stowage and securing of cargoes" at the Scientific Centre "Freight Transportation Management“ of the Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport (NIIAT).
Angel Hernandez, President of EUMOS, Packaging
Angel Hernandez, a technical engineer by training, brings a long year expertise in Secondary & Tertiary Packaging for logistics in which he consults and trains brand owners through Valueing, the company he runs since 2011. Previously, he held leading positions in the packaging and packaging material industry, in particular as Managing Director for Hicusa Packaging during 11 years. He is a member of the CEN TC 119 (load units) nominated by the Spanish standardisation body UNE.
Julia Botos, Member of the EUMOS Advisory Board, Packaging
Julia Botos has an academic background in plastics engineering and she is specialised in packaging development, especially transport packaging. Julia builds on a long experience in developing transport stability of load units with different packaging solutions as well as relevant testing procedures. She is the Head of the Technology Centre Duo Lab at Duo Plast. She is the Vice Chairman of the working group NA 115-01-04 AA “requirements and testing” of packaging at DIN.
Prof. Dr. Friedrich P. Starkl, Professor in Mobility, Transportation & Logistics, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Logistics, Centre of Studies
Friedrich Starkl - with his academic background in business administration and many years of senior professional experience in logistics - is Professor for Logistics at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences at Campus Steyr where he built up the research institute for logistics “Logistikum Steyr”. It is the leading institute in Austria for R&D in logistics with international visibility. In 2011 he founded LRA (Logistics Research Austria), an Autrian association of 23 logistics research institutes. As an avocational consultant he works in the fields of systemic organisational, strategic and team development as well as in coaching & conflict resolution.
Prof. Marc Juwet, Member of the EUMOS Advisory Board, Chairman of EUMOS standardization committee, R&D and Standards, Examination
Marc Juwet is professor for Machine Design at the KU Leuven. He led a scientific research project by a consortium of companies, KU Leuven and Fraunhofer on transport safety in 2008-2010. This research was published and used as the scientific background for the EUMOS 40509 standard in 2012. He is now leading the KU Leuven lab on innovative technology for logistics (L-iTL), focusing on automated warehouses, indoor automated transport, durable packaging and last mile delivery.
Phd Manuel Garcia-Romeu Martinez, Packaging, R&D and Standards
Manuel Garcia Romeu is an Industrial Engineer by background and he holds a Phd in Mechanical Engineering. He works as the Business Development Manager at Safe Load Testing Technologies. Manuel has a vast experience in packaging engineering, transport simulation and technical development. He has worked on research projects funded by regional, national and European authorities and he has published many peer-reviewed articles and book contributions. He is the inventor of 3 patents for the packaging and transport sector. He is a representative in IAPRI (International Association of Packaging Research Institute) and ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) and he works with the UNE load stability and packaging groups.
Enrique de la Cruz , Packaging, R&D and Standards
Enrique de la Cruz holds a Master in Electronics Systems Engineering and of Physics and he is the R&D Manager at Safe Load Testing Technologies. He has many years of experience in research and development and transport simulation for packaging. He has been part of a team of experts who patented two machines of great importance for the packaging and transport sector. He has published several research articles in scientific journals and he has participated in the most important events of the sector. He works with the CEN and ISTA load stability groups.
Olaf Rebulla, Founding Member of Eumos, Maritime Transport, Insurance
Olaf Rebulla is a marine surveyor graduated at the Nautical College of Trieste and the University of Zagreb. Since 1988, he has been a cargo surveyor in the family company Rebulla Surveyors performing inspections worldwide, since 1998 managing the company, now with 10 employees. In 2008, he founded Adriatic Vetting which is specialized in safety inspections, assessment and analysis on board tankers.
Reiner Gohlke, Member of the Eumos Advisory Board, Maritime, Rail and Intermodal Transportation
Reiner Gohlke is a senior Certified Trainer and Advisor for load securing at Sea, Rail and Road transport according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012. Rainer is Technical Director at Cordstrap, a company he has worked for over a period of more than 30 years. He obtained his qualification as cargo securing expert for road, rail and sea while working for MariTerm, Höganäs, the Gaus Institute of Applied Environment Protection and Safety in Shipping, Bremen, and at Eurosafe, Hanau.