Eumos – the European Safe Logistics Association – is driven by the vision of improving safety in logistics in Europe.

We are establishing a Working Group on “Irregular Loads – Best Practice Guidelines” with the aim of developing Best Practice Guidelines in the currently non-regulated area of Irregular Loads. Large industries deliver their goods from the factory on pallets which are manufactured automatically. These types of loads are usually considered LOAD TYPE “A”.

For a consistent performance, typology “A” requires 4 clear and robust steps:

  1. Define Tertiary Packaging Best Practice.
  2. Define Proper Settings for Equipment.
  3. Define Appropriate Materials.
  4. Repeat the process.

Irregular Loads are usually formed during the picking process and order preparation on large logistics platforms. This Working Group is devoted to define the Best Practice for LOADS Type “B” and Type “C” in the interest of maximising the safety and consistency. Eumos would like to invite experts in the area to contribute to the creation of these Best Practice Guidelines. If you have any valuable expertise regarding this important topic, you are welcome to take part in the Working Group.

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