Eumos qualified Expert examination

International EUMOS-Symposium in Vienna
26 January 2016
Eumos 5th conference on durable cargo transport
1 February 2016

On March 22nd 2016 Eumos organizes an exam to become an Eumos qualified Expert. This exam is held in Dutch and will take place in Brussels. All information about the exam can be found in the standard Eumos 40607-1: Eumos qualified expert in general cargo securing and transport packaging, minimum requirements. This standard can be downloaded at, an extract can be found on the Eumos website:
If you’re interested in participating, please complete this document and send it to passing for the exam, you will be provided with a certificate confirming your expertise in load securing and transport packaging.If you are interested in participating in another language, please inform us at so we can make sure that you receive future invitations.

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