Interpack – March 2015

Members Newsflash: H.Essers is first logistics company in Belgium to attain ISO 39001 certification
8 April 2015
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22 April 2015

Increasing freight transport in Germany
Freight transport in Germany rose substantially last year, and road transport, in particular, recorded an increase in goods shipments. One major role in this development was played by the properties of the packaging, as it is important to ensure secure transportation, fast transshipment and space-saving storage. To obtain a good level of consistency and quality of transported goods, it is essential to use high-quality packaging materials and tailor-made transport solutions. Moreover, the increase in online trade is compelling the industry to take several new aspects into account, as there has been a rising demand for small packaging units and, as a result, a need to ensure theft protection, returnability and traceability.
Transporting heavy packaging by bicycle
Another innovative solution for road transport, albeit for short distances up to 70 kilometres, is made by a battery wholesaler in Bochum. The electrically powered special model is called Cargo Bike and can transport euro pallets of up to 500 kg, with a load volume of around 3,500 litres. It is currently the biggest model of its kind, and its successful use is set to make a long-term contribution to the continued redistribution of mobility and packaging transportation.
Both source: Interpack Magazine March 2015

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