Extraordinary Seminar on last October the 25th about LOAD STABILITY sponsored by DOW as part of the MOVE IT SAFELY initiative and hosted by ITENE as a proof of committment by both reputed firms with Cargo Securing and supporting EUMOS Mission to create a Safer Place for Logistics Industry in Europe. SOLD OUT at the entrance and high level of attendants proof the interest of the topic.

Both promotors are active member of EUMOS – European Safe Logistics Association and we want to thank DOW and ITENE for their vision and doubtless determination to make it happen.

3 Authors have decided to provide an access code until November 20th for all distinguished guests who attended the event. So, if you are here, means that DOW or ITENE granted you access to a very valued presentation and you are one of the Directors or Managers of our Industry who came from one corner of Europe and you contributed to an awesome day.

Carlos Hernández Barrueco
Reputed Surveyor
Cargo Securing Specialist
Eumos Expert Member
Eva Hernández Ramos
International Lawyer
Cargo Securing Specialist
Eumos Expert Member
Ángel David Hernández
Senior Consultant 
Load Stability Specialist
Eumos President


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Norms & Legislation

How New Road Worthiness Directive impact on Safety and Business


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European Directive 2014/47/UE and all relatives