6 January 2015

Our guidlines are available on NBN

  All Eumos Standards are available at 40509-2012: Test method for load unit rigidity 40511-2013: Test method for mounted poles, used for cargo securing on commercial road vehicles and trailers 40513-2014: Film edge forces, test and measurement method 40607-1: Eumos qualified expert in general cargo securing and transport packaging, minimum […]
8 April 2015

Members Newsflash: H.Essers is first logistics company in Belgium to attain ISO 39001 certification

For H.Essers, which travels 120 million kilometres annually with its 1,250 lorries, road safety is a top priority. This active participation in traffic, not only by the professional drivers but also by the employees who travel to and from work by road, was the incentive for H.Essers to distil all […]
30 June 2015

Samsung’s Safety Truck makes overtaking safer

By fitting technology to their truck, Samsung allows following motorists to have a clear view of the road ahead of the truck. A wireless camera attached to the front of the truck is connected to a video wall located on the back of the truck. The monitors give drivers behind […]