1 February 2016

Eumos 5th conference on durable cargo transport

UPDATE: due to the recent events in Turkey, the conference is postponed to Spring 2017 and will be relocated to another location. More information coming soon.   The 2016 Eumos scientific conference on durable transport will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on November 3-4, 2016 in close cooperation with UND, […]
1 August 2016

EUMOS 40509 is now available in German

The official German translation of EUMOS 40509 is now available for purchase on www.NBN.be Look for “Eumos”, select Eumos 40509 for purchase and click “details” to choose the German edition.
9 January 2017

Valletta Declaration on Improving Road Safety

The Valletta Declaration 2017 (Valletta Declaration on Road Safety) was passed by the EU Ministers of Transport in Malta. Between 2020 and 2030, the number of dead and injured road traffic casualties is intended to be halved compared to the 2016 figures. An ambitious goal for 2050 is zero fatalities […]
11 January 2017

CTU code: e-learning to support practical training

As a specialist for online training, the company MdA has now launched the e-learning “CTU code” in the field of load securing. The contents were created by EUROSAFE with special consideration on practical aspects. Design and didactics are professional and supplemented with some useful tools like a calculator for the […]