1 February 2016

Eumos 5th conference on durable cargo transport

UPDATE: due to the recent events in Turkey, the conference is postponed to Spring 2017 and will be relocated to another location. More information coming soon.   The 2016 Eumos scientific conference on durable transport will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on November 3-4, 2016 in close cooperation with UND, […]
5 May 2017

International EUMOS Symposium 2017

International EUMOS Symposium 14. and 15. September 2017 in Vienna 1st Day – 14. September 2017 International und legal aspects of transport safety Reception and introduction by WKO and EUMOS Road safety in Europe; Goals of the EU Commission Implementation of technical roadside inspection New standards, regulations and legislation New […]
26 September 2017

5th International EUMOS SYMPOSIUM

Cargo Securing – Transport packaging – Safe Logistics 14th and 15th September 2017, Austrian Economic Chambers in Vienna More than 160 guests and 17 countries as well as innumerable international companies get involved at the EUMOS Symposium every 2 years to learn about current research & development in cargo securing […]
21 December 2017

Martin Keller from TÜV at EUMOS-Symposium 2017

Hier finden Sie die deutsche Version dieses Artikels Vehicle stability – words of advice from TÜV At the 5th International Eumos Symposium in Vienna in September 2017, Martin Keller from TÜV Nord presented the topic “Vehicle body stability: New guideline EN 12642-03:2017”. As an inspection authority, TÜV is an important […]