The Art of Stretchfilm by TRIOPLAST

Save the Date – 6th International EUMOS Conference – Valencia, November 28-29, 2019
24 June 2019
Trioplast acquires an Horizontal Stability tester
19 September 2019

Safety film

… also known as stretch film, safety film defines the film’s main purpose – to prevent personal injury and ensure the quality of the products you send to your customers.

 Safety and your responsibility as a sender are highlighted  in the new EU directive on cargo securing, EU 2014/47.  EUMOS [EUROPE MOVE IT SAFE] contributes to the  interpretation, application and implementation of the  EU directive. Trioplast is an expert partner of EUMOS.

What do I need to do to meet the new requirements?

To ensure sufficient load unit stability, you must have the right type of stretch film and machinery settings according to your type of goods. Once the load unit stability has been securely mounted, no settings may be changed without a new load unit stability check. As the market leader in high performance stretch film, Trioplast can guide you to a load unit stability according to the requirements in EUMOS 40509.

One size fits all?

There is no single solution that ensures full load unit stability. Every solution has to be tested once a number of settings have been taken into account. Trioplast can help you find a solution that meets these safety requirements, and also optimises operational reliability at the lowest possible cost per pallet.



BLOWN stretch film – best load unit stability!

Trio Extreme™

– Stretch film for the toughest requirements!

• Extreme load unit stability

• Extreme slip properties preventing pallets from sticking together

• Extreme strength with top of the line puncture and tear resistance performance

• Approved for food contact*


– Best choice for machines without a pre-stretch unit!

• Superior load unit stability

• Great economical and environmental benefits

• Suitable for heavy goods

• Suitable for fragile goods

* Approved for food contact according to EU 10/2011

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